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“For more than 15 years Dental Technica has been actively and positively introducing and marketing a variety of specialty dental products and devices to dentists all over Japan. The main reasons that we have been able to establish a strong presence in the Japanese market, a market famous for its abundance of high quality goods and products, is the unwavering trust that we have developed over the years with our end users by listening to their opinions and suggestions about marketing and the speedy and reliable after sales service that we provide which is an integral part of our business philosophy.

Globalization has made the sale of goods and products all over the world a standard part of everyday life, but we often hear comments from foreign sales managers wishing to do business in Japan that taking steps to enter the Japanese market is just too difficult and very confusing. Most just give up at that point and that represents a great opportunity lost.

As you may already be aware, Japan is a country that strictly enforces and abides by numerous locally drafted rules and regulations that are specifically put in place to regulate activities (imports, marketing and sales etc) covered under the Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. However, once trust and credibility has been established with the relevant authorities we are confident that the devices and products of outstanding quality that have been imported into Japan will be used and cherished by dentists all over Japan for many years to come.

So, if you believe that you have a high quality dental device or product that could become the next “BIG HIT” within the dental community in Japan – with more than 70,000 dental clinics nationwide! – then you should seriously consider letting Dental Technica handle all the local red tape for you including market research, certification procedures, establishment of sales networks and the all important after sales service and support etc..

By aligning yourself with Dental Technica you will definitely be taking positive steps to becoming a successful business operation in the Japanese market place.

Now, the rest is up to you. All you have to do is make the next move and contact Dental Technica and we will be there to support you every step of the way and assist with the success of your bold new challenge”!

Hiroki Matsuyoshi
Founder and Director,
Dental Technica

Dental Technica was established more than 15 years ago in Osaka, Japan by Mr Hiroki Matsuyoshi with the vision of ultimately becoming Japan’s premier dental handpiece maintenance and repair company. From its humble beginnings right up until the present day Dental Technica has prided itself on being a progressive company that provides a quality service to the dental community with speed, precision and uncompromising professionalism. Through our dedication to detail and unwavering high standards Dental Technica has become the trusted name in the dental handpiece repair field in Japan and it is our mission to remain the premier handpiece repair company for many more years to come.

Dental Technica is not only involved in the maintenance and repair of dental handpieces as previously mentioned. As the company has grown over the years so too have our business activities.

An extremely important part of our business is the importation of high quality and reliable dental products and devices. We expect this side of our business to continue to grow and we are always on the look out for unique high tech, state of the art products that will prove to be popular among Japanese dentists nationwide. Not only do we import and sell a range of high quality and reliable dental products in Japan, but we also feel it’s important to provide ongoing support and high quality after sales service to all our customers and users who purchase products from us. This is something that we do not compromise on at all and is a crucial part of our business philosophy.

To succeed at anything in this world isn’t easy, but with a combination of dedicated teamwork and strategic use of individual talents and ability, the chances of success increase greatly. Dental Technica realised this a long time ago and we continually strive to find the optimum balance between teamwork and individual talent in our company. Each member of the Dental Technica team understands this very well and because of this and the collective vision that we have, our loyal customers and users can feel comfortable in the knowledge that they are in very good hands and that Dental Technica will be with them every step of the way to offer professional advice and provide technical know-how and total support to ensure satisfaction and success.

So, if you’re interested in breaking into the Japanese market and ultimately succeeding, but just don’t have the knowledge or the contacts to give you the right advice, then you should do yourself and your company a favor and contact Dental Technica right away. Every journey starts with a single step and Dental Technica is your starting point for doing business and succeeding in Japan!

We lokk forward to hearing from you!

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